Health Benefits Of Makhana (Fox Nuts)

Health Benefits Of Makhana (Fox Nuts)

For a quick evening snack, many of us go for a pack of fried chips or Maggi. However, we all are aware of the negative impacts of these foods all around us, it is time to consider something better. Nowadays snacks like Makhana (fox nuts) are becoming more and more well-liked.

Fox nuts, or makhana, are a delicious snack and have several advantages. Continue reading this blog to learn more about this delicious, affordable, healthy snack.

What is makhana?

A popular Indian snack and high-value aquatic cash crop, makhana. It flourishes in perennial stagnant water bodies. Traditional oriental medicine has made extensive use of makhana to treat many diseases, including kidney issues, persistent diarrhea, excessive leucorrhea, and splenic hypofunction. Additionally, due to its high mineral and medicinal value composition, it is quickly becoming a superfood on a global scale.

Makhanas are full of nutrients and an excellent source of protein, phosphate, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and thiamine. Furthermore, both raw and fried Makhana is abundant in vital amino acids. Makhanas that have been delicately roasted make a great teatime treat and a wonderful kid-friendly tiffin alternative. In India, makhanas are used to prepare foods including kheer, curries, raita, and desserts.

6 Impressive Benefits of Makhana (Lotus Seeds)

What is the origin of Makhana? 

The foremost producers of makhana in India are the state of Bihar. The origin of makhanas is in lotus seeds. The seed pods of the lotus grow, and each pod contains about 20 seeds that ripen in 40 days. After drying, the seeds are roasted over a high flame. The white puffs emerge when the outer black shell cracks. We refer to these seeds as makhanas. Because of their flower-like appearance and lotus seeds, they are grown in the marshes of Asian countries.

Why is Makhana so famous?

Makhanas’ great nutritional value has led to their enormous growth in popularity in recent years. Numerous celebrities have also discussed fox nuts and the reasons to eat makhana. -Many international celebrities eat them for a mid-afternoon or post-workout energy boost. This has caused makhana’s popularity to spike overnight.

Makhana is a fantastic alternative for a snack and is also conveniently located. It is a wonderful alternative for unhealthy snacks and preserving a healthy weight because it is low in fats, cholesterol, and sodium. Manusha Food’s Makhana is tasty, convenient to carry around, a fantastic lunch choice, and a great snack to satisfy cravings. They are also very simple to make, making it possible to whip up a tasty feast in no time.

10 Health Benefits Of Makhana (Fox Nuts)

  1. Makhana (fox nuts) are low in salt, fat, and calories They are thus the ideal snack to have in between meals. Additionally, they give you a feeling of fullness, which lessens your desire to binge eat.
  2. For patients with high blood pressure, their low sodium and moderate potassium and magnesium contents are highly beneficial.
  3. Due to their low sugar content, they are especially beneficial for diabetics who experience the urge to eat frequently.
  4. The astringent qualities of fox nuts make them beneficial for kidney problems.
  5. Makhana is low in calories, fat, and sodium. As a result, they make for the perfect between-meal snack. Furthermore, they make you feel full, which decreases your urge to overeat.
  6. Their low sodium, medium potassium, and medium magnesium concentrations are very advantageous for persons with high blood pressure.
  7. Makhana (fox nuts) are beneficial for the health of teeth and bones due to their high calcium value.
  8. They are especially helpful for diabetics who regularly feel the urge to eat due to their low sugar content.
  9. The astringent qualities of fox nuts make them beneficial for kidney problems.
  10. Pregnant women are given makhana because of its many advantages, particularly the calcium and iron it contains. Additionally, it assists pregnant women in avoiding diabetes and hypertension
  11. It is said that fox nuts can treat insomnia. Eating fox nuts to break your coffee addiction if that is your issue.

Uses of Makhana

Makhanas are frequently used in religious ceremonies and as a devotion to God. Traveling across the nation reveals the differences in the consumption and use of makhanas. For instance, people in Manipur prepare the leaf and stem of the Makhana plant and eat it in curry, but others in north Bihar eat the seed in crunchy roasted form. Other uses of makhana (fox nuts) are:

  1. As makhana is essentially flavorless, any additional flavors, like salt or sweetness, are absorbed by them.
  2. On a low flame, roast the seeds with a small amount of ghee. Add some salt, and the delicious snack is ready to eat.
  3. To fit one’s preferences, other spices might be added, such as cinnamon or oregano.
  4. Makhana is often used in kheer as well as other sweet dishes.


Makhana can improve heart health, control of diabetes, weight loss, and the slowing of aging signs due to its high antioxidant and nutritional content.

Additionally, it may be used in a variety of recipes for snacks, entrées, and desserts, making it adaptable and simple to consume.

If you’re looking for a fantastic snack that is extremely healthy, affordable and poses few health risks then grab a pack of Makhana from Manjusha foods

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